Hello Everyone. Welcome to Rahaf.

RAHAF is a platform for women, the word  RAHAF is Arabic which means ‘The delicate’. Throughout its posts,  you will find discussions and issues that concern women from everywhere, with an emphasis on the experiences of women in the Middle East, I also discuss the Fashion Industry.

As the creator of RAHAF, I am Jordanian with a Chechen background, as I was growing up I had the chance to live in several Arab countries which were an enriching experience. My life moved on and after working for several companies I decided to start a new journey, so I went to study for my Master’s degree.

Reading magazines was something I always enjoyed doing since the age of ten, as a teenager I was a loyal reader to magazines such as Big and Smash Hits, as I grew older I found other magazines, although I enjoyed their articles and images, still they were not able to speak to me, they formed an imaginary image of a world I didn’t get the chance to experience (except perhaps occasionally during vacations).

As a young woman who grew up and lives in the Middle East, issues like relationships and dating are totally approached differently from how these magazines were portraying, and the local Arab magazines were not satisfying either. My disappointment didn’t stop there, a great frustration of mine was when reading about products that were not sold where I lived, markets have evolved since then and the global economy has its effects everywhere where you can buy anything online, but still, I want to be able to wipe my finger on the eyeshadow tester kit before I decide to buy it, not to mention buying a perfume comes as an agony when you can’t smell Channel’s ‘Mademoiselle CoCo’ perfume before you decide it’s the one for you.

The dissatisfaction goes on, the delicious foods and nice restaurants that are recommended as a weekend refuge are replaced with a source of wondering and has its only existence in the imagination (because that can be a 24-hour flight and thousands of dinars for tickets). Not to mention the career advice you get when the entire economic and cultural system you live in can’t accommodate to what these financial and career experts have to offer so you’d be able to achieve your goals, and this is when RAHAF was born.

I look forward to having this journey with you my Readers. RAHAF come to you from someone who thought there is something missing in the everyday culture of her life and did something about it.

RAHAF Founder