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Bridal Dresses from the Ottoman Era: A Visit to the Museum of Ethnography

Izmir is considered one of the major cities in Turkey, unlike many other big cities in this country one can feel it’s less crowded beside the slower life rhythm, especially during the day.

In this city you can find museums that tell the story of the civilizations that lived in this area, the Museum of Anthropology in Konak is one of them. It is located in a four story building in what once was a French hospital called “St. Roche” that was built in 1831.

In it one can find artifacts dating from the Ottoman and Saljuk era. Many of the displayed items are tools and clothing, mainly women bridal dresses and jewelry, one can also see how homes were decorated.

The dresses on the other hand I found to have a blend between the Anatolian and Middle Eastern culture. But most importantly a bride’s dress was not WHITE!

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken during my visit. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂

A Bride’s Dress was not WHITE

Bridal Dress from the City of Kotahya
Bridal Dress from the Aegean Area
Bridal Dress from the City of Afyon
Prayer Matts


Featured Image:
Photo by Ambar Simpang from Pexels

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