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Teacher’s Personality is Hurting Students

We’d all agree that teachers we learn from will impact us tremendously. Teacher, Guru, Mentor, and now we have Influencers, all of them are people who might affect us throughout our lives, and not having one, I think, can be troublesome, this is when we will have to put extra effort to compensate for the lack of guidance, when I say it can be hard that does not mean it is impossible, as everything available online, however, I still we will need to have someone with sound thought and good knowledge about the subject we are trying to learn, which leads me to want to understand the quality of teachers we might encounter in the real world (not the virtual one).

Updated: 13/12/2018

I had the pleasure (it was not fun all the time of course) of attending too many different schools while growing up and had my undergraduate and graduate degrees in two different countries, throughout my journey of getting an education I couldn’t help but notice some of the clues that can be warning signs about teachers in the classroom. Teachers perspectives on how to teach can make a difference on you as a student. In her book Mindset The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck talks about an experiment made with teachers where a hypothetical young girl’s score of 65% on a math exam was given to them, then they were asked how they will treat her, teachers with a fixed mindset were more than happy to give their opinion, they felt by knowing her score they had a better sense on who she was and what she was capable of, except one response from a teacher names Michael D. Rearden, had sent an angry letter asking his feedback be removed from the experiment as he strongly believed that a student’s capability can’t be evaluated from a single score on a paper and that performance can’t be based on one assessment at one point in time, Dweck highlights “an assessment at one point in time has little value on someone’s ability, let alone their potential to succeed in the future, it as disturbing how many teachers thought otherwise”

In a previous post titled “46 Sites Offering Online Degrees” I have talked about self-learning sites available online, I will be talking in this post about the negative side of teachers although I am sure there are many wonderful teachers out there.

Not Getting Enough Feedback: Some teachers are not generous all the time, if the mistakes you made in a homework were not corrected when they give you back your paper (or when they email it to you) by clearly writing down the correct answer, you should ask yourself, is this person really giving me all I need to learn about the subject? After all, as a student, we need all the feedback we can get in order to broaden our knowledge.

The Complicated: the one who challenges his student’s personality, the worst relation you can have with a teacher is when your teacher identifies with you on a personal level, that’s when she or he no longer sees you as a student sitting in a classroom to learn but rather they judge you according to their own preference and mood, basically they might not like the way you speak and they hold this against you.

Emotional Anguish: some might retreat to the so-called Reverse Psychology, that’s when they start inflecting negative emotions towards you, thinking, by pressuring their students this will urge them to succeed. The thing with this technique is (which was proven not to work), it might make students feel insulted and puts them down. Sometimes, you might be going through difficulties in understanding the subject in class which is worsened when your teacher highlights it without offering to help you.

Impatience in Class: “Impatience” this is one trait that can cause a lot of trouble for students, when the teacher is so impatient to the student’s inability to capture the knowledge so fast, or as fast as the teacher wants, this can happen in speedy, fast-paced short courses, so beware before enrolling in such courses and try to know if the duration of the course matches your pace of study.

Love for Authority: Some teachers like to reflect an authoritative personality in class. This type lacks empathy, who believes the one and sole purpose of your day is to attend and work on the subject of their course. If you are attending an evening course or is someone who has a job and a family you need to take care of, you might want to skip such teachers as they won’t have the slightest care nor empathy if you miss delivering a homework and will bash you for it. T

If you choose to take a course in a real classroom, not a virtual one, I encourage you to take notice of any of the negative vibes your teachers might bring with them to class. After all, it is your right to have the best experience when you are trying to learn a new skill and expand your knowledge.     

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