Why Arab Girls Who Stay Single for Large Periods of Time are Happy

Ireceived this blog post from a friend, with the title “Girls who Stay Single for Large Periods of Time End up the Happiest”, I was immediately hooked. When I wanted to check who wrote it, to my surprise, I found many bloggers and writers have written articles with the same or similar titles.

I want to share with you what it is like and why Girls who Stay Single for Large Periods of Time are Happy, but with a twist, I will be talking about girls from the Middle Eastern and Arab cultures.

They are happy because they have taken all the time they need to grow their perspectives about life, despite the nagging of members of their relatives, mothers, or society in general, to get married. Their comments, especially at weddings, are something like “hopefully soon we will be happy for you too”, or here is a better one “when shall we see you as a bride?”, which assumes you have psychic abilities to predict the future.

They are happy because during this time with themselves they were able to acquirepic experiences, that otherwise would’ve been contained within their marital obligations and many duties put upon women by family and society. There are many amazing women who are working and raising their families, not to undermine their efforts, but lets emphasize how single ladies can benefit from this opportunity they have, and hopefully, they make the best of it.

Being single allowed them to go out there in the world, getting a job (given the low female employment rate in many Arab countries and the glass-ceiling women face at workplace might lead them to leave work after they get married and have kids).

They learned what does it mean to be financially independent which is something they will pass on to their daughters.

Perhaps few know how much single ladies out there, are influential. This is the best time to be single in the Arab world, with the ever-growing economic challenges facing the region. Being single gives them the opportunity to build and invest for themselves.

They are happy because, when they wake up in the morning, they have the morning for themselves, they enjoy a cup of coffee, no kids to rush to school, they don’t have to worry about searching for the right school with the suitable tuition fees.

They end up happy because when they finally decide to marry someone, their choice can be smarter and less influenced by others. They accumulated life experiences and met people that enriched them, and by having this time for themselves it enabled them to realize what works for them and what does not.

Given all this, I have to disagree with my fellow writer from the Thought Catalogue, who wrote that single girls don’t mind the idea of not getting married. I think they actually do at some point, life is much beautiful when shared with someone you love, and research had shown people who are in happy relationships live longer and are healthier. Beside,  due to the nature of our societies, it can be hard to be in a relationship with a guy, as an unmarried couple for a long period of time, and in many cases, you might not want to have such relationship due to your religious beliefs and traditional perspectives, which are understandable.

Life has lots of beautiful things to offer, where you can Live, Love and Laugh.

Enjoy your single-hood ladies to the max and celebrate it as much as you can. These are good times, and are building stones for happier times to come when you finally decide to be with someone and tie the knot.