Arabs Singing: Underground Music by Saif Nabeel

The Arab music scene is witnessing the entry of new singers and musicians who are creating their own music without the support of big label/ record companies, or any record companies at all

2One day, while driving with my brother next to me, he suddenly took his mobile phone and played a song called “I Love You”, I immediately was struck with the singer’s vocals, this is when I was introduced to Saif Nabeel

Saif Nabeel is an Iraqi singer, born in 1986, his music is distributed under the labels; ‘Al-Haneen Productions’, and ‘Music Al Remas TV’, both are a satellite television channel in Iraq, but I think the real distributors for his music is YouTube, this qualifies it to be considered an Underground Music.

Here is the Lyric of his song ‘I Love You’ translated from Arabic

I Love you and I am melting in you
Through your love I found wonders
Your place in my heart is different from all others
The love we have is so dear to me than my eyes
You want to know my tenderness
All those going after you do not deserve you
I am the only one who does
I miss you a thousand time my love

Because of your love being buzzed is halal
I would never repent
Your love is in my heart
I will never replace

When I see you my day gets better
I miss you even in my sleep
You also share my worries, as long as I come to your mind


Featured image: Said Nabeel Facebook page