Arabs Singing: Jordanian Musician “Aziz Maraka”

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Looking at some local talents of musicians, I came across Aziz Maraka, a Jordanian, who was born in Tunisia, according to Wikipedia. He studied music at Arkansas University in the United States, then returned to Jordan and started his music career.

His music is a mixture of Arabic, Rock, and Jaz which he called Razz. Aziz made his first Album as part of his graduation project where he released some of his well-known songs Bent el-nas (People’s daughter) and Rajouni la Amman (Return back to Amman). On his YouTube channel, he describes himself as a Music Maker and Shows Creator. In 2010 he created Bands Across Borders (BAB), a music and comedy platform in Jordan.

Although when Aziz was a guest at the Egyptian talk show “Joe Show”, he described Aziz’s music as part of the Underground genre, I have to disagree, I think his music has passed many strides that positions him as rising singer and musician, much closer to the mainstream, unfortunately we don’t have a Best New Artist award like the one presented in MTV Video Music Awards to recognize such emerging artists.

Through his lyrics, you can see his affinity to support Arab women against social norms that she struggles with.

Here are the lyrics for his song “Strong Girl”
I See (Your) The Eyes Wondering
Ya-Bey (Arabic Expression For OMG)
People Words Are Like Stones
And You, In This Journey Is A Strong Girl
And People Are Restless
Until They See In You A Heart That Whines
People Are Like That, They Should Talk
But Whatever Happens Don’t Get Upset
You Are Not Alone In This World.. Don’t Be Upset
Nor Is This The Last Day
Every Time You Feel Your Heart Sunk
Here I Am Always Next To You


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