Where Do Ladies in Jordan Practice Speaking in Public

Ever wondered what women in a city like Amman do after work? well, there is not one common thing all women do after a tiring day at work, except of course going home and watch tv. If she was single, however, after work activities can be like going to the gym, having coffee with colleagues or friends, or simply just going home and be lazy infront of television can always be an option, but there are other activities less noticed, that is going to a meeting for a Toastmasters club.

For those of you who don’t know what is Toastmasters, it is a non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide to help people improve their communication and leadership skills. Jordan happens to have seventeen clubs.

So why an Ammani girl attends this club?

Many of the club members have jobs and well-established careers, honing their public speaking skills can give them a great advantage, besides it’s a good opportunity to meet professionals from various fields. One might be amazed to learn about the wide range of experience the ladies at the club bring with them.

Being able to practice your public speaking skills in front of people who will judge and critic you the least can be so empowering. Sharing your life experiences and telling stories can add to one’s worldviews.

Without further say, here are some photos: