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Made Socially Conscience: Halal Cosmetics

What are Halal Products? They are Products Processed, Produced, Manufactured, and Composed of Ingredients that Comply with Islamic Law, such Laws State that they Should not Include any Pork, Alcohol, Non-halal Animal Fat, Lard, Rennet (except for Plant and Microbial).

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The Halal cosmetics market was valued at 16.32 billion USD in 2015 and is expected to grow to 52 billion USD in 2025 according to research conducted by Grand View Research.

Many certification bodies started providing a label granting their approval that a product is considered Halal, such as the Malaysian Halal certificate, or the Halal Certification Authority in Australia, and in the UK there is the Halal Monitoring Committee. A Market Research report made by Grand View Research analyzed the Halal cosmetics in three categories; skin care, hair care and makeup, the research found that the halal industry is expected to grow in the Middle East due to religious ethos in this region, however, the report also estimated that 17% of this growth will come from outside the Middle East due to the lack of manufacturers or halal certification standards in most Arab countries.

In trying to find Halal cosmetic products, I prepared the following list of brands, some of them were intended for every woman regardless if she was Muslim or not where these companies obtained a Halal certificate in response to a niche market they found attractive, other brands were established by Muslim women who thought the cosmetics available to them are not catering to their needs so they wanted to solve this problem for them and others.

Amara Halal Cosmetics

A U.S based company from California, Amara produces a range of halal certified products, free from alcohol and animal ingredients, they offer face, eyes, and nail products. It was interesting to find that they do offer wholesale as well.


Talent Cosmetics

A South Korean cosmetics company that has been in the market since the eighties, the company was not originally established as a Halal cosmetics brand and they market themselves as a cosmetics company trying to meet the needs of women of all sorts with a focus on South East Asia and Japan, However, they obtained the Malaysian Halal certificate in 2014. You will see a Halal label at the top of their website. I also found they have a wide range of products.


INIKA Organics

Is an Australian company established in 2006 as an organic and natural makeup brand. They have a certificate from the Australian Halal Authority among other certificates such as the Australian Food Chain, and the Vegan Society in the UK. They clearly state that their products don’t include any; petrochemicals, synthetic substances or mineral oils, nor Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride, or genetically modified ingredients.

PHB Ethical Beauty

The company is based in the UK, they manufacture Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Halal Certified beauty products. I found they mainly specialize in skin care and hair products rather than makeup.



Is produced in Europe, the brand was established by two sisters Alia and Amira who found there is a shortage in fulfilling the needs of Muslim women when it comes to cosmetics. Their products include nail polish, eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks.


FX Cosmetics

A UK based company, formed by three sisters as a halal cosmetics brand. They guarantee that their products are free from animal testing, besides being eco-friendly and made of natural mineral ingredients. I found they focus on using very bright colors in their makeup lines. They do state that their products undergo stringent testing to comply with Halal standards however I didn’t find they have the Halal label on their website.

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