Getting What You Want: A Middle Eastern Perspective

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Ever had this big urge to achieve and do many things in your life. Well, I always had this feeling and always will, this never-ending need to keep going and doing, and continuously seeking to improve myself. But throughout my life, I come to realize in order to achieve things one needs to have some strong grounds first.

I am always looking at what energizes people to get what they set their mind to achieve. I come to notice that there are many factors that can help you get what you want in life.


First, the environment that surrounds you is of Great Importance. There are many people out there who succeed despite the odds, but seriously, if you look very closely there were these little things that helped them. Perhaps it’s worth to look into the possibility of changing where you live to enhance your chances, somewhere you can be encouraged to work and be inspired, usually, big cities can offer you such opportunities. In my opinion.

Millennials born at the early period of the ’80s (some researchers suggest that Millennials are born between 1985-2005) probably had their life envisioned like this; to go to college and get married afterward, perhaps starting a life abroad with the hubby was among the plans. Today, in 2018, things might have changed, many young women are starting to leave home if they got a job offer outside their country, a new life of independence begins, and typical middle eastern family is accepting this social change, sometimes out of necessity, or due to their realization that their daughter needs to have her own life independently.

Perhaps what you need is a relaxing place where your creativity flourish- Photo: Izmir

I want to ask what are the factors that help us to achieve our goals? staying at home within the comfort of your family might not urge you to do something in your life, perhaps moving out to get a degree or enrolling in a course or getting a job abroad can be a solution. The independence and amount of freedom and most importantly, the FOCUS you get while away can charge your creative endeavors, but I am not saying to go into seclusion, you need to be surrounded by people whom you can learn from and who are willing to teach you, a place that is culturally and intellectually rich where resources are available. Resources can mean things like internet, transportation, a place where conferences and exhibitions take place all the time, and most importantly a place that have acceptance and tolerance towards strangers, because the last place you want to go to is where you have to defend yourself, your home country and culture.

The reason why I give a lot of weight to the quality of people you surround yourself with and how they can enrich your experiences and skill set is because when reading about people who achieved great things in their lives, I noticed they didn’t do it alone, they ensembled a group of people around them who contributed in their knowledge and skills, a story for such a person and entrepreneur is ‘Jack Ma’ and his early days when he made the multibillion e-commerce website “Alibaba”, in an interview, he once talked about how he used to make meetings and brainstorming discussions with students and teachers in a small apartment to discuss their new venture. If you look at Facebook or watched the movie that talks about how the company started “The Social Network” you can clearly see that Mark Zuckerburg didn’t build the most famous social media platform in the world by himself, he had some college friends do coding and others finance his venture along with him.

In the end, if you are out there trying to achieve something in your life, surround yourself with people who can add to you, and find a place where your talents can flourish and grow.