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Muslim Ladies Rocking Social Media

Couple of years ago the blogging scene has exploded, declaring the arrival of many female bloggers who were happy to show their lives to the public, whether it was their clothes or whatever profession they were doing. Some of them were business savvy where what they started as a blog and a photo post ended to be a brand and a company on its own.

Self-marketing has manifested in social media where we started to see courses taught to students online or on campus,  the educational platform Coursera is an excellent place to find these courses. The new wave of bloggers has perfected the game of posting and sharing, creating a name and a lucrative business for themselves. These social media contributors were able to build an audience that helped them in return to build their brand, what distinguishes some of them from others is the level of their ability to be an Authority figure, this means being a reference in your topic, most bloggers who were able to establish themselves as authority are able to attract audiences to their channels instead of hunting them down, they are also able to engage them instead of seducing them with pitches. As an Authority you become a go to place whenever someone wants your type of product or service. An example for such Authority figure is Oprah Winfrey. But which of the Hijabi Bloggers can be considered an Authority, let’s see.

Our picks for bloggers include those with more 5000 following, many of them started as bored bloggers showing their latest fashion trends but with time their pages have evolved where they’ve become their own brand with countless collaborations with fashion houses and endorsements from many companies.


Is a Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber from the U.K. with 567k followers,Amena Official Amena, is one of the owners of Pearl Daisy a clothing shop in Midlands, UK. The shop caters to Muslim Hijabi women’s fashion, you will also find that she poses for most of the modeling shoots in the store – not bad for a marketing idea. In many of her Instagram posts Amena promotes Girl Power especially in her work with L’Oreal, she is after all a L’Oreal Glam Ambassedor. You can find her on Instagram. Here the link to her website


Is an American mom from Texas, she is an IT project manager by Sincerly MAryamprofession and runs a scarf company along with her sister. The Blogger and Instagramer is well known through her Instagram page as ‘Sincerely Maryam’. The power of her instagram photos I think is due to the fact they show the girl next door, they are not staged or over make-uped. Just showing a normal girl with a Passion for Fashion. She has 240k followers on Instagram. Here you can find her website


On the other hand Ascia is a phenomenon. I was impressed while studying for my Master Asciadegree that there were actually some academic papers discussing her online presence on social media. The Kuwaiti/ American bloggers along with her husband created a unique identity for themselves on their pages, best known as the ‘Hybrids’. Ascia has developed a name for herself and a fashion line too. She is sought after by different companies to promote their brands. It’s clear this professional business woman has passed many strides in the social media scene, from what it seems she have assembled a team to work on her social media image. This Instagram super star has earned her way in the Hijabi fashion although she does get critique for her Hijab style that’s for some is not conservative (But Hey! one shouldn’t judge. Its Allah who will hold us accountable one day, Right!) Ascia definitely is a source of authority even when some of her audience post a critique about her outfit or her somehow showing hair as one did on one of her Instagram posts, the commenter wrote in Arabic “it is not strange that her Hijab looks this way, where she doesn’t understand the true meaning of Hijab, may Allah show the girls who are following her the true path”, although the commenter’s words are charged with a high pitch of critique but still she recognizes Ascia as an Authority figure and her influence on other female audiences. Here is Ascia’s website


Melanie is the founder of HeuteHijab. After watching her video introducing her shopMElanie of HeutHijab' I liked this business savvy woman. It’s all said in how she positions herself and communicates her brand by saying without actually saying it “I am all about business kind of woman”, her image departs away from Ascia’s “It Girl” kind of image. The Heaut Hijab has a well-developed e-commerce platform, if compared to Ascia we find each has taken two different strategies; while Ascia has become her own brand, where she is the one who promotes the product that she has signed for and she uses her social power to give attention to the brand she is Melaie of HeutHijabtrying to sell. Melanie on the other hand might have started by building an audience through social media which in turn helped her to build her brand ‘Heute Hijab’ but then ‘Heute Hijab’ has become a separate brand from Melanie where she positions herself as the owner and founder, meaning in the future perhaps she can sell the business for good profit without losing her name since her image is not the face of the brand and can be replaced if necessary. Melanie is also a source of Authority as a woman in the Hijabi business. Her website

Sondos Alqattan

A Kuwaiti make-up artist, I wanted to jump out of happiness when I Sondous Alqattansaw her Instagram promoting sensitive issues for women in the Middle East, when she has undertake a procedure to freeze her eggs. I liked how the make-up artist broke out of her field and role as a make-up artist but also she educates women about this technique in the Middle East. Even if she was compensated to do it her choice to do it in the first place is admirable and shows an uplifting twist in raising awareness towards sensitive issues about Middle Eastern women, I hope she makes many other endorsements though.  Showing she doesn’t puts make-up and educate as well. With 2.3 million followers she differently can be considered as a source of authority. Her website

Nurarisma Maryam

An Islamic lifestyle blogger she surely comes as inspiration for Nurarisma Maryamany believer seeking spiritual fulfillment. The Japanese convert to Islam who is living in London reflects her life journey for seeking balance and inner peace, she tells the story of other reverts she met as well. Her entire language is with Islamic sentiments which are a lot different from previously mentioned bloggers. She is for sure accounts as an authority for reverts to Islam. Her website

Risa Mizuno

Known as Muslimah Tokyo is also another story for a Japanese Muslim who Muslima Tokyoconverted to Islam. She is married to a Malaysian man where she talks a lot about their relationship  in her Instagram posts. You can see the Love is in the air everywhere. She is pretty much in the same category with Nurarisma Maryam except with Muslimah Tokyo she shows more photos of her professional life as well. Her website

Huda Kattan

Our last pick is Huda, she was born in the US and had a degree in Finance. As she Huda Kattanexplains in her website she didn’t expect to build a career in the beauty industry but she did, she moved to Dubai to work in her field of study, finance, when that didn’t work out she went back to the U.S and enrolled in Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School and this were a shift in her life happened. The blogger turned business woman (as she describes herself in her Instagram bio) has a huge following base of 22 million. She is definitely a beauty influencer with her make-up brand Huda Beauty. And she is an authority since people would turn to her for advice on make-up. You can see she built her brand around her personality, further she is not afraid to put posts of women with pimples or zits that need covering to promote he foundation beauty line as you will find plenty of those on her Instagram, if this shows anything it reflects her boldness. Her website

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